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Health and Safety Policy Statement


It is the policy of the Group to conduct its activities with due regard for the health, safety and welfare of its employees, contractors, clients, visitors and members of the public.  The Group recognises its obligations in relation to health, safety and welfare wherever the Group's activities are carried out.  This includes offices, construction sites and sites where sales are taking place as well as whilst travelling on Group business.

We have a system

The Group manages its health & safety using an Occupational Health & Safety Management System to the BS OHSAS 18001 standard.  The scope of this is through all the Group’s operational activities including the acquisition of land, design, build and to eventual occupation in accordance with relevant legislation, regulation and other requirements with policies, procedures and processes in place to support this.

Safety is important and we want to improve our performance

The Group is committed to continual improvement of the Health & Safety Management System through actively encouraging feedback from all levels of employment.  The Group is also committed to the prevention of accidents, ill-health, dangerous occurrences and injury in the workplace to all persons that may be affected by the Group’s activities, including, as a minimum, legal compliance of all relevant health & safety legislation.  All obligations in relation to health, safety and welfare are taken seriously by the Group this includes; assessment of risks to the health, safety and welfare of everyone directly and indirectly affected by the Group's activities is a priority, as reflected in the Group’s Health & Safety Policy (Policy).

We think before we act

The purpose of the Policy is to promote a pro-active approach in the prevention of accidents, ill-health, dangerous occurrences and injury in the workplace.  This will be achieved, so far as is reasonably practicable, by the identification of hazards, the elimination of foreseeable risk and the management of residual risk, thus providing safe systems of work and compliance with all relevant Statutory Acts, Regulations and Codes of Practice.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility

The co-operation of those employed by the Group in ensuring the Policy is effective and the responsibility of each individual to take reasonable care for the health and safety of himself/herself and those who may be affected by his/her acts or omissions at work are legal obligations and the Group insists that these obligations are met and any breach of any aspect of this Policy will be regarded as a serious breach of these obligations.  The Group recognises that the provision of adequate financial resources, training and supervision is essential to ensure that all managers and employees are properly able to discharge their responsibilities under this Policy.

Ian Sutcliffe, the Group Chief Executive is the Director responsible for health, safety and welfare matters on behalf of the Board of Directors.  He will ensure that the Policy is implemented through the Health & Safety Committee.  The Managing Director for Operations of each Division is a member of the Health & Safety Committee and has overall responsibility for ensuring the health and safety policy and procedures are implemented throughout their Division. 

The Group Health & Safety Department will report to the Divisions at monthly intervals and the Health & Safety Committee at three monthly intervals.  The Group Health & Safety Department will also provide guidance and advice on all aspects of health, safety and welfare and arrange with management for the training of employees, as necessary. Monitoring the effectiveness of the Policy is the responsibility of the Group’s Health & Safety Department who will ensure that the Policy is reviewed, at least annually, recommending necessary changes, through the Group’s Health & Safety Committee, to the Board of Countryside Properties UK Limited.

We will consult – We want your views

The Group will consult with employees or their representatives, where appointed, with respect to health, safety and welfare in accordance with Statutory Requirements to ensure that all necessary measures are taken to make the Policy effective.  The method of consultation used at site level is by way of Site Operatives Focus Group Meetings.

The Policy and supporting documents raise awareness – use them!

The Policy, detailing information on the organisation as well as arrangements and other supporting documents required for the implementation of this Policy, is available for inspection on all sites and premises controlled by the Group.

Some description

I C Sutcliffe

Group Chief Executive                                                     Date of Issue: April 2016


(This Health and Safety Policy Statement made under Section 2(3) of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 is brought to the notice of all employees of the Group and our Contractors either by personal issue and/or prominent display at all workplaces).

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