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Countryside wishes to be acknowledged as an industry leader in its approach to care of the environment, in the execution of its developments and in its working practices. Countryside's objective is to ensure that development realises the desired financial returns whilst in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

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In achieving this, the Group is committed to its vision, values and its objectives:

Its objective is to achieve and retain a leading position in its industry, by providing the best homes, property developments and construction services, as recognised by its customers, investors, competitors and all who have a stake in the profits of its success.

Our values:

  • Aspirational We build homes people aspire to live in and a company people aspire to be a part of.
  • Sustainable We ensure the long term future of our developments, our people and our company through our thinking and approach.
  • Partnering We collaborate with our partners to achieved shared goals, mutual success and places of exceptional quality.
  • Integrity We deliver our promises and hold ourselves to a high standard of personal conduct.
  • Respectful We respect everyone we work with, the communities in which we develop and the future we contribute to building.
  • Excellence We strive for excellence and continuous improvement in every endeavour.

We achieve these by focusing on:

  • Financial Health  Maximise the profitability and cost effectiveness of the Group and the returns it generates on capital employed, by delivering commitments, growing the business, strengthening the platform for the future, lifting performance and enhancing its financial health.
  • Our People By encouraging a climate of professionalism, teamwork, enjoyment and continuous development and by empowering them to achieve success. 
  • Our Customers By ensuring to the very best of our ability that we manage, meet or exceed, their expectations. 
  • Our Products & Services By providing quality, good value and lasting appeal which are consistently better than our competitors. 
  • Our Environmental, Social and Ethical Awareness By contributing to the creation and improvement of residential communities and work places in an environmentally and socially responsible, sensitive and sustainable manner. 
  • Our Safeguards By recognising the value of promoting high standards in all health, safety and welfare matters, for the benefit of everyone who comes into contact with our operations.

The Group will conduct its business in accordance with its Customer Charter, the Customer Satisfaction Strategy, the principles of Quality Assurance, adhering to the International Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2015, and the Consumer Code.

The Group will establish measurable quality objectives in relation to the above commitments. These objectives will be recorded within the policies, procedures and documentation to which they specifically relate.

By recognising the value of promoting high standards in all health, safety and welfare matters, for the benefit of everyone who comes into contact with our operations.

The Group will undertake an annual review of this Policy and its environmental, social and ethical objectives to ensure continuing suitability and effectiveness with the intent of continually improving the Group's Management systems and adding value to the business.

Employee training supported by personal development reviews, will be an integral part of the Group's strategy in achieving its Policy objectives. 


A member of the Executive Committee is Chairman of the Quality Committee. The remit and constitution of the Committee shall be determined by the Executive Committee.

This Corporate Policy is regularly reviewed and will be supported by a number of issue specific policies and procedures. These policies and procedures, and details of the Group's objectives can be viewed in the policies section of this website.


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Signed: (Group Chief Executive)                                10th October 2016