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The Group wishes to be acknowledged as an industry leader in its approach to care of the environment, in the execution of its developments and in its working practices. The Group’s objective is to ensure that its projects realise the desired financial returns and are developed in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

It recognises that resources used, whilst fundamental to the operation of its business, have wide environmental and social impacts including the generation of waste both during the construction phase and the lifecycle of the properties we build. The Group is committed to ensuring that any impacts are minimised through its procurement and waste strategies, procedures and, wherever possible and within budgetary limitations, it will select environmentally preferable products, for the construction of its new dwellings and non-dwellings and dispose of resulting waste in accordance with the best methods of the waste hierarchy.

Its policy objectives are to:

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Ensure compliance with legislation and the Group’s procedures

• Ensure our suppliers comply with all relevant legislation and compliance obligations in production and movement of resources.
• Ensure that all staff and sub-contractors working in or on behalf of our business comply with all relevant legislation and compliance obligations in the disposal and storage of waste.
• Ensure that sites where waste activities take place hold the correct permits or exemptions.
• Ensure that all waste is transported and disposed of by correctly licensed companies and only at sites which hold the correct permits for managing, storing and disposal of waste.
• Ensure that special wastes, e.g. hazardous, waste electrical and electronic equipment, batteries are segregated and disposed of in accordance with European Union and United Kingdom legislation.

Manage resources and disposal of waste with regards to the best methods of waste management as detailed in the Waste Hierarchy.

• Reduce waste through design activities and through the specification of products and materials that can be reused at end of life by taking a life cycle approach to design and specification
• Continue to investigate alternative materials that have a lower environmental impact when developing material specifications.
• Review construction methods in order to reduce waste arising from site, e.g. pre constructed frames, pre-assembled components.
• Promote improvements in products, such as the reduction of packaging, through ongoing liaison with suppliers and manufacturers.
• Consider recycled or reused materials.
• Reuse materials where possible on site or via manufacturers take back schemes.
• Manage waste outputs in order to achieve maximum recycling where reduction or reuse is not an option.

Review waste contractors and continue to work with them to improve performance

• Prequalify all waste contractors based on sustainable procurement selection criteria.
• Dispose of waste locally wherever possible to minimise the environmental impact associated with transportation and contribute to the local economy.
• Ensure all waste contractors comply with Health and Safety and Environmental legislation.
• Preferentially select waste companies who have Health and Safety and Environmental / Sustainability policies and certified Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental Management Systems (e.g. OHSAS 18001, ISO9001, ISO14001, EMAS).
• Regularly liaise with waste contractors to review performance, monitor waste management on site and keep abreast of developments within the waste industry which may benefit the company.

Promote good waste management to our customers

• Provide information on the sustainable aspects of our properties to customers.
• Supply integrated recycling facilities where possible.

Monitor and Improve Our Performance

• Gather data on the waste produced by our sites and its disposal
• Set targets to reduce waste and improve recycling targeting a Zero Waste to Landfill Approach.
• Review our performance and put in place action plans to continually improve our performance.

This Policy is regularly reviewed and supported by a number of issue specific policies and procedures. These policies and details of the Group's environmental targets can be viewed in the Policies section of this website. 


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Signed: (Group Chief Executive)

10 October 2016