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Our Vision and Objective

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Countryside wishes to be acknowledged as an industry leader in our approach to care of the environment, in the execution of our developments and in our working practices. Our objective is to ensure that development realises the desired financial returns whilst being delivered in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

To achieve this our vision and objectives are to:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and codes of practice
  • Maintain our certification to the ISO14001:2015 Standard.
  • Work towards continuous improvement by setting objectives and targets against which to review our progress
  • Reduce our impact on the environment through the management of pollution risk and reduction of energy, water and waste at site and corporate level.
  • Report our performance regularly to our key stakeholders 

Whether we are regenerating existing neighbourhoods or creating new homes and communities we engage with our stakeholders to develop sustainable places with their own distinctive character and identity.

Our Commitments

Our commitment to sustainable development is evidenced by the fact that we have reported on our sustainability performance for the last fifteen years, which is longer than anyone in our peer group. Our Sustainability Report provides information on our performance against our objectives with an accompanying commentary. 

We are committed to sustainable development specifically in relation to the continued comprehension of new and emerging policies, legislation and reporting standards. This leads to the systematic application of sustainability issues in the Group’s practices and risk management procedures. We believe this approach enhances operational cost efficiency and an increased asset value for our customers, local authority and housing association partners, and other stakeholders.  


Environmental Policy.pdf
Climate Change Policy.pdf
Sustainable Development Policy.pdf
Biodiversity Policy.pdf
Waste Policy.pdf
Sustainable Procurement Policy.pdf
Timber Policy.pdf
ISO14001 2015 Certificate.pdf