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Gardens can be just as unique and varied as the interior of a home, with some creative people using their garden as an extension of their living space, whilst others prefer to grow fruit, vegetables, herbs or flowers. Whichever you prefer, spring is the ideal time to get your garden ready for the summer and to bring some colour back.

Our 5 top tips for creating a vibrant garden this spring - by Matt Reynolds

Many gardening trends have sprung up over the years, and at Countryside, although we take inspiration from a variety of sources, including new trends, our gardens are designed and created to stand the test of time, and enhance the neighbourhoods we build.

We enjoy providing unique private and enclosed gardens for homeowners to transform and develop into their own perfect outdoor escape, as well as creating unique shared and public gardens that the whole community can enjoy. At some of our larger developments such as Great Kneighton in Cambridge and Beaulieu in Chelmsford we are also providing allotments to allow residents to grow and harvest their own produce, something which has become immensely popular in recent years.

If your garden needs to be brought back to life after the winter, here are my top tips to creating a vibrant, contemporary garden you can enjoy all year long:

  • Spring clean your garden too. If you don’t have the time, confidence or the budget to update your garden, at very least, spend a little bit of time just sprucing it up. The winter months can be harsh on plants, shrubs and grass lawns so spring is the perfect time of year tidy up your borders, weed your garden, clear away leaves and other debris and cut back the dead growth on your herbaceous perennials, shrubs and ornamental grasses. Your garden will look instantly healthier, more inviting and encourage more growth and flowers too.
  • This is the ideal time to plant summer flowering bulbs. Take a look at what you already have in your garden and work out what you think is missing. Classics like Lilies, Gladiolus and Ranunculus always look fantastic, and never go out of favour. They can be planted in early spring and will bring beautiful colourful displays come summer.
  • Stick to cool, muted colours to keep your garden looking contemporary throughout the seasons. Bright or harsh colours will clash with flowers, and will look dated quickly. Instead, opt for grey and neutral tones, to help set-off flowers and green grass and give it a modern edge, with masonry paint, window boxes, patio furniture, and plant pots.
  • A well-kept lawn never goes out of fashion. Mid-spring, mow your lawn regularly starting with the highest setting and then gradually reducing down until your preferred height is reached. Apply a lawn feed and weed killer while the soil is still moist and even better still when rain is expected.
  • Stylish lighting can help you make the most of your garden after daylight hours. There is now a wide range of smart outdoor lighting options available, so there is no excuse to wait until Christmas to put your lights up! Small spaces, like balconies or back yards look especially inviting when decked with rows of fairy lights. For larger gardens, consider using solar light to mark out borders and show off your favourite features.

by Matt Reynolds, Senior Landscape Architect

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