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We understand there is more to a home than bricks and mortar, however achieving the perfect balance between practical needs and emotive desires can make choosing your next place to live difficult.

What really makes a place people love? - by Andrew Loveday

With this in mind, we commissioned independent research with the aim of discovering what makes a place that people love? Conducted by Censuswide, we invited 2,000 participants to rate the importance of many factors, from location to affordability, based on their current and future homes. With responses from all over the UK, from all age groups and households, we have learned a lot about what people really value and appreciate.

From the results, it’s clear that choosing a house, a community and an area to live in is no easy thing, but there were some clear factors that make it to the top of almost everyone’s wish list. Affordability still seems to be a key factor for many people who want to move, and this means that three-quarters of those we spoke to said they were not currently living in their ideal home.

The childhood home continues to bring back fond memories for many of our respondents, with over a third choosing the house they grew up in as their favourite home of all time. At the top of the list for what makes people love a place is the memories that are made there, with four out of ten respondents agreeing. This is perhaps why childhood homes are so highly-regarded.

The fact that we seem to move around so much, particularly the younger contingent in our survey, means that the idea of a lifetime home is no longer a priority. Some of those we spoke to have lived in 7 or 8 homes in their lifetime, so this could account for people compromising more on their homes, as other lifestyle factors take more priority, such as proximity to work, schools, or price.

Creating a sense of community is a very important part of our ethos at Countryside, so we were pleased to see that community, neighbourliness, local amenities and facilities for residents were ranked consistently highly across most age groups. Of course, it is people that make a place a community, but we believe that by choosing great locations and designing and building the right mix and type of homes, infrastructure and facilities we help socially inclusive communities to come together and flourish.


Andrew Loveday,
Sales Director

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