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Your mantelpiece is the focal point of your room, so why not make a feature out of it? You can buy Christmas garlands but it’s easy to make an amazing one of your own that will really add to the Christmas look in your living area.

How to decorate your mantelpiece with your own Christmas garland - by Marcus of The Christmas Decorators

We’ve created our Christmas garland using an artificial garland, which you can pick up from your local garden centre, department store or the internet.  Before you start you will need a few tools: 

  • Wire cutters/snips
  • Floristry wire
  • Scissors
  • Cable ties
  • Assorted decorations (including raffia if using cinnamon sticks)
  • Battery powered lights



  1. The first thing you should do is measure your mantelpiece so that your garland will fit perfectly.  If your mantle is very large, you may have to connect two garlands together. 
  1. Lay the garland out flat and shape to give dimension and make it look natural.  Find a large flat space, like a kitchen surface or large table to do this, then flatten out the branches.  This will create room for your decorations and ensure you can attach everything easily. 
  1. Next, add your battery powered lights.  Fasten the battery pack securely to the back of the garland using a couple of cable ties, which you can place around the branches.  When the pack is secure, snip off the ends of the cable ties.  Make sure the on/off switch is on the outside for easy access.  Then wind the lights through the garland evenly, bending the branches as you go until you get to the end.  The video demonstrates how to go about this. 
  1. Adding ribbon to your garland is an attractive way of filling space.  You can get ribbon from any haberdashery or department store and many garden centres.  We’ve chosen two styles, one deep red and one gold with a ‘skeleton’ design as it goes with our traditional theme.  Place the gold on top of the red ribbon, pinch the ends together and wrap a branch around the ribbon.  Then, attach in the same way to the opposite side in a diagonal motion and repeat this across the garland.  You can watch how to do this in the video. 
  1. Adding decorations allows you to customise your garland, adding different festive accents and scents.  We are going for a natural, traditional theme and are adding pine cones, cinnamon sticks, dried oranges, lotus flowers, berries and foliage.  
  • For the pine cones, grab one and very tightly wrap some floristry wire horizontally into a gap close to the bottom of the cone and then twist the ends together, then simply wind the ends of the wire onto a branch. 
  • To add a bundle of cinnamon sticks, hold three together and wrap floristry wire around the middle of them very tightly, twisting the ends together just like with the pine cones.  Cover up the wire around the centre of the cinnamon sticks by wrapping raffia over it and tying in a bow.  Then use the twisted ends to secure the sticks to a branch of the garland. 
  • To add berries and foliage, buy a larger piece and snip bits off, then attach by wrapping floristry wire around the branches and attach to the garland.
  • Add baubles in groups of three by holding them together, then wrapping the floristry wire through the loops to tie them together and then onto a branch of the garland. 

You can repeat this process with other decorations, using your wire cutters to twist the wire very tightly.  We’ve also added some extra special trinkets such as fabric hearts and metallic birds.  If you wish to do the same, add them sparingly across the garland and make sure the weight is distributed evenly across both sides so that it hangs well.  You can see how to do this in more detail in the video. 

  1. Once you’re happy with the look of your garland, carefully carry it over to your mantelpiece and drape it across the top so that it cascades evenly down either side.  Once it’s in place you can add your finishing touches such as a really striking hanging bauble right in the centre.  Just make sure you leave room for this when adding your other decorations. 
  1. Your fireplace should be looking really festive now.  If you don’t have a working fire you can create that cosy effect by faking it!  Add small tealights and candles to the fireplace mantle to give a festive glow.  Battery candles give the same effect and are much safer with the garland.  

So now we’re finished, happy crafting. Merry Christmas! 

Countryside has dressed their show homes for Christmas so for inspiration come and visit them and view the new home you could be enjoying in the New Year!

You can also check out our other blogs and videos in this series on how to decorate your Christmas tree, create a fabulous wreath and decorate your table for Christmas. 

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