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Countryside is particularly proud of its reputation as a responsible and engaging employer, and of our contribution to helping train and develop the skills of both the current and future house building workforce. This is evidenced by our industry-leading 15 years of Investors in People accreditation, and our commitment to rewarding, training and developing talent within the organisation and beyond.

A career in housebuilding: as safe as houses - by Graham Cherry

Over the last two years, the housebuilding sector has created 106,000 new jobs, covering a wide range of roles, from design, technical and legal jobs, to management and construction roles. At Countryside, we believe the rewards are equally as varied, as highlighted in a recent survey by The Construction Industry Council (CIC) 2050 Group, which found over 80% of respondents were proud to work in the industry, and over half believe their job is inspiring.

There are many different routes to access and progress within the house building industry, and at Countryside our people come to us from all avenues, including apprenticeships, construction diploma graduates, as well as foundation and vocational university graduates, as well as those who are already in the industry.

It’s important to research the industry and identify which particular skills or disciplines are most suited to you and your experience, and also your long-term career prospects. At Countryside our people can develop their roles in other areas of the business and switch to new roles in other departments, which is a great benefit of a varied, multi-disciplinary organisation. We encourage our people to pursue their ambitions and goals, and have a strong record of staff development, promotion and training.

Gaining work experience is also a great way to build up your knowledge and skills, especially while you are studying. You can pick up lots more whilst you are in a working environment away from the lecture theatre, as well as making some really good contacts for the future, and we ensure than any students or interns working with us get the most out of their time with us.

Uniquely, working in the housebuilding sector means you will often work in large teams, with people from different departments and job functions. At Countryside, we value the ability of our employees to work well in large teams and to manage them, especially when faced with tight-deadlines and high-pressure situations.

Our people are the foundation of our business, hence one of our key objectives is to attract, retain and develop the very best people from a variety of backgrounds. Given our growth plan and improved economic conditions, our workforce is increasing rapidly with new employees joining a strong talent pool of skilled and enthusiastic people who are committed to our core values.

Countryside currently has a number of vacancies across our regional offices and development sites, details of which can be found on our Careers Page. We offer a challenging and ever-changing environment, whilst offering the opportunity to build a successful and satisfying career with a developer that has long been synonymous with quality and integrity.

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Graham Cherry,
Chief Executive,
New Homes & Communities

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Here you’ll find property related blog articles from the team at Countryside as well as independent experts. Expect regular tips and advice on topics such as buying a new home, interior and landscape design, setting up home, mortgages and finance, plus articles on architecture, the property market, regeneration and more.

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