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So Christmas is approaching fast and it’s definitely time to start thinking about dressing your home. A Christmas wreath is a lovely way to welcome guests and visitors to your home at this time of year. They are really fun and easy to make, and display on your front door, especially with our special tips and tricks in this blog and the accompanying video below this image.

How to make a fabulous Christmas wreath - by Marcus from The Christmas Decorators

Before you get started, you will need the following essential items, including an artificial wreath which comes complete with the branches secured to the base, which you can get hold of from garden centres or online.

  • Wire cutters/snips
  • Floristry wire
  • Some scissors
  • Assorted decorations
  • Battery powered lights
  • A long length of ribbon
  • Strong tape     
  1. Firstly, shape the wreath so it looks more natural by pulling apart the branches so that they’re all even and ensure that the centre has a clean, crisp circle. 
  1. Adding lights to your wreath will make it twinkle in the dark and add a welcoming touch to your front door.  Secure the battery pack (available from garden centres and online) to the underneath of the wreath using cable ties, making sure that the on/off switch is on the outside.  Nestle it into the branches so that it’s not too bulky at the back and then snip the ends of the table ties off using your cutters.  Then simply wind the lights evenly through the wreath, hiding the wire as best you can in the branches. 
  1. We’ve added a big, beautiful bow at the bottom of the wreath.  Firstly, put your wreath aside, get your ribbon and tie it into a bow, making sure each side is even and then thread some floristry wire through the loop at the back.  To attach, part the branches at the bottom of the wreath, and twist the wire tightly around the base.  Adjust the bow so that it is neat and straighten the ribbon at the bottom.  You can see how to do this in the video. 
  1. Now for the fun part: decorations!  We are going for a natural, traditional theme.  Add the more heavy decorations at the bottom of the wreath then slowly make the decoration less dense near the top.  Add decorations in odd numbers and balance out the bow at the bottom.
  • To attach pine cones, very tightly wrap some floristry wire horizontally onto the bottom of the cone and then twist the ends together.  Use the ends of the wire to attach to the wreath.
  • We created our own bundles of cinnamon sticks, by holding three together and wrapping floristry wire tightly around the centre, then twisting the ends together.  Cover up the wire by wrapping with raffia and tying in a bow. Then secure the bundle onto the garland with the twisted wire.
  • We also added dried oranges, which give a beautiful scent to the wreath.  Simply fan out a couple of pieces and then drive some floristry wire through the bottom, wrapping the ends together to attach to the branches.
  • For fun, we also have some robins and some fabric hearts, also using wire.
  • To add baubles, tie them together in groups of three and secure using floristry wire through the loops.  Add near the edge and don’t add too many so that it doesn’t detract from the more subtle additions.
  • We have also weaved artificial ivy into the wreath, securing with floristry wire and then added metallic foliage, which we’ve snipped off from larger pieces and added with floristry wire. 
  1. Now the wreath is finished it’s time to add it to the front door.  Follow the steps below if you don’t have a door knocker or hook: 
  • Find a long piece of ribbon that matches your theme and loop it through the wire base at the back, making sure that the ends of the ribbon are even in length. 
  • Go to the front of your door and then hang the ribbon over the top of the door in the centre, then pull the ribbon at the back until it’s at the right height at the front.  You might need someone help you place it! 
  • Secure at the back by tying the ends together and securing neatly with a pin or alternatively tying around a knob, loop or handle, using tape to keep it in place.
  • You can snip the ends of the ribbon to make it look neater. 

So that’s how you make a really fabulous wreath – thanks for reading.  Watch the video above for more tips and look out for the rest of the series on how to make a fabulous garland, effectively dress your Christmas tree and dress your table for the festive season. 

Countryside has dressed their show homes for Christmas so for inspiration come and visit them and view the new home you could be enjoying in the New Year! 

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The Christmas Decorators

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