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So autumn is now with us although with all this lovely sunshine perhaps it does not feel like it just yet! Although it may feel like all your hard work during the summer in the garden should be tailing off as we enter autumn, there is still much to be done to keep your garden looking great.

How to keep your greenery from feeling blue this Autumn/Winter – by Matt Reynolds

So here are my 8 top tips to prepare your garden for autumn and even the coldest of winters. Follow them and they will ensure come spring, you can get back to enjoying your garden, with the minimum of fuss.

  • Give your greenhouse a makeover! As the days become shorter, it is important to maximise the valuable sunlight to your greenhouse to keep your plants healthy. Now is the perfect time for a tidy up, remove any debris, disinfect the pathways (remembering to ventilate properly) and remove your greenhouse shading.
  • Get planting and have a move around Autumn is the ideal opportunity to move your plants and a great time to plant shrubs and bulbs for next spring and summer, ensuring that their roots can establish before the spring. Discourage weeds as you go, by spreading some soil consisting of decayed leaves (leaf mould) to block the sun from the remaining seeds in the soil.
  • Revitalise your lawn Using a rake remove any thatch (undecomposed and partially decomposed plant material tightly interwoven with living tissue between the soil surface and green vegetation) and moss that may have grown and add to your compost heap. Aerate and drain your lawn properly by making holes with the prongs of a garden fork every 10cm of the surface area.
  • Protect and prepare Remember to cover your pond. Decomposing leaves can ruin your pond water and block filters. Prepare your trees, small or large, by wrapping the stems or trunks with wire or tree-guard products. Protect any tender plants susceptible to frost by using wrapping and also wrap any terracotta pots that could crack in cold conditions.
  • Have a clear out Autumn is the time to clear out last year’s garden waste from your compost bin, and spread  it around your garden to make room in your compost bin for this year’s waste as well as strengthening your garden for winter!
  • Look after your garden equipment Have mechanical equipment serviced to check that it’s in good condition for when you need it in the spring. Sharpen shears and secateurs. Spades, forks and other tools will benefit from a good clean too - just remember to dry thoroughly to make sure parts don’t rust.
  • Brighten things up with plenty of colour and evergreens Cooler season flowers such as Pansies and ornamental Kale will add lovely colours to your garden and Sarcococca and Daphne will flower beautifully in the cold months as will Christmas Roses (Helleborus).
  • Take pictures and keep next year in mind Photograph your garden all throughout the year so that you can note down any particular things that you don’t like and that you’d want to do differently, order your seed catalogues for next spring and summer for inspiration!

Happy gardening!

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Matt Reynolds,
Senior Landscape Designer

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