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If you have a small garden, patio space or even just a balcony, it shouldn’t mean that you have to compromise on beauty! Whether its vegetables, flowers or herbs you wish to grow in your garden, these top space and money saving tips will definitely help you on your way to having an impressive display by the time that summer comes around.

Seven savvy, space saving gardening tips - by Matt Reynolds

Have a seat: Remember, less is more. To make the most of your garden space, buy outdoor furniture that is on the smaller side. If you have a small space that cannot accommodate many people, don’t try and squeeze in a chair for each guest when you’re entertaining. Brightly coloured furniture will make an impact and help distract from the minimal space.

Hanging around: Take advantage of the vertical space in your garden such as this living wall pictured above at Aura in Cambridge! Hanging plants not only use up less space but prevent pests getting to your plants and they can be cost effective too. For example, using a hanging shoe organizer is a fantastic space saver. Simply fill each of the shoe spaces with an equal amount of soil and then add your flowers or vegetables of choice. Remember to hang each display in a position that gets enough sunlight and access to rain water.

On the move: Portable plant pots are the easiest way to change things up and refresh the look of your garden. If you fancy a change, there’s no need to dig up plants and reorganize your entire flowering space. Brightly coloured pots that can also be hung on fences or placed on windowsills adding a nice summery touch to the space – whether the sun is shining or not!

Cut the clutter: A tidy space will always look bigger. Do not overpower your garden with too many plants or accessories as it will instantly make the space appear smaller. Every so often, be sure to tidy and clean your garden – as you have a small space, it shouldn’t take too long at all. If you don’t have enough room for a garden shed, a painted box or a divider is a stylish way of hiding tools and equipment that you don’t want other people to see!

Going up: Tiered gardens work particularly well for those that may only have a balcony for outdoor space. Create a tiered display by stacking plant pots which shrink in size as they ascend and you can have as many as you like! Plastic pots can be used but terra cotta pots will be much sturdier. If you lack space but want lots of colour, don’t be tempted to go too high as you don’t want a tower that could come crashing down in a storm.

Seeing double: Want to enhance your flower displays without overcrowding and excessive maintenance? Place mirrors strategically behind your flower beds to create an illusion of space and give your flowers a double impact. If you have a weave-patterned fence, it’s best to slip the mirror behind to add a very subtle but effective trick. Just make sure to give them the occasional wash down if rain causes muddy splashes and dirt marks.

One of your five a day: If you’re a keen vegetable grower then the best way to grow what you like is to pack it all into a one-pot vegetable garden. Add in plenty of herbs and vegetables that complement each other and not only will it provide you with great food filled with nutrients, but the display of a variation of vegetables will be impressive and decorative.

For garden inspiration we have some stunning show gardens at our developments in London, South East and the North West – come and visit us soon and follow us on Instagram for further inspiration.


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Matt Reynolds,
Senior Landscape Designer

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