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Yet again, the Olympics has come around in a flash as late tomorrow sees the start of the Rio 2016 Games. Has talk of the Olympics inspired you to take up a new sporting hobby? Maybe Andy Murray has encouraged you to dust off the tennis racket and get down to your local court? Either way, it’s important to stay active during the summer holidays and some may need a little more inspiration than others.

Ready, get set, go! Ten ways to stay active this summer - by Andrew Loveday

We have put together a list of top tips, family friendly activities and the latest fitness trends which will make it easy for you to enjoy exercising this summer, both individually and as a group.

Fashionable Fitness

This year has seen the introduction of new and sometimes crazy ways in which fitness classes are being made more enjoyable. At many of our developments, such as Harvard Grange, a selection of the properties feature bonus rooms, which can be used as a private gym, where you and your friends can try out these fun ideas in the comfort of your own home.

1. Boogie Bounce – Is an exercise class with a different kind of accessory…a trampoline! Bounce along to the latest dance workout tunes and some classes can even be done in the dark with glow lighting effects!

2. Piloxing – Think boxing, Pilates and dance all mixed into one! With encouraging music and the promise of no two classes being the same, this latest trend offers something new for beginners to fitness as well as fanatics.

3. Pulse – If you like to party, then this is the class for you. Pulse is a dance aerobics class, in the dark, with glow sticks and lots of club anthems. You don’t have to be able to dance, it’s all about fun, fitness and music!

Family Fitness

As the children are enjoying their school holidays, you may want to opt for more family orientated fitness activities that you can enjoy together – although running around after the little ones may already seem like enough of a workout!

4. Garden projects – If your garden is in need of some child friendly play areas such as a tree house or a Wendy house, why not make them together as a team? Building an outdoor project or even gardening is very physical and provides the same positive health benefits as jogging or swimming. At Countryside we ensure all of our houses include a rear garden where the whole family can play and spend time together.

5. Mini Olympics – Bring Rio to your back garden or local park and create your own Olympics! Invite the whole family and your friends for a day of fun sports activities like rounders, relay races or obstacle courses and finish with a barbeque. Lots of our larger developments including Great Kneighton in Cambridge, Kings Park in Harold Wood, Wickhurst Green near Horsham and NGV in Liverpool, feature extensive green open space often including parks and play areas, where you could even hold a community Olympic games event!

6. Local sports facilities – Book a lesson at your local leisure centre for you and the kids to try out some Olympic sports, including judo, table tennis, badminton or even archery. They can then go back home and watch these activities live from Rio, and potentially start their own journey to become an Olympian. Many of our new homes are located near sports centres including The Mount, where there is a Virgin Active Health Club and an equestrian centre.

7. Sight-seeing - While you’re all enjoying time off work and school it will be easier to plan a family day out. A trip to the city, the coast or local theme park is a day full of walking! Without even realising you’ll be on your feet all day whilst having fun.

Free Fitness

Many people would say this is the best type!

8. Walk this way – Make the most of local walking routes to walk the dog and enjoy some fresh air. If you enjoy something a little more fast paced then add some wheels to your walk. A day out on a bike, skateboard or roller skates will be just as beneficial as walking. At GMV in London and St Mary’s Island, Chatham Maritime (pictured above) there are extensive networks of waterside footpaths, as well as cycleways where residents can enjoy regular exercise.

9. Online – These days, there’s pretty much an app for absolutely everything! 30 day fitness challenges are available for a range of fitness levels and are easily manageable to fit in to your day to day routine. Also have a look on YouTube where you can find an amazing range of workouts!

10. Cleaning – It sounds silly, but house work can be quite a workout! If the children are home from school and roaming free around the house then they’ll be more need for cleaning. Hoovering alone can burn up to 100 calories every hour. Make sure the kids also get involved and you can all do the house-work workout together!

I hope you enjoy your active Summer!

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Andrew Loveday,
Sales Director

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