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If you’ve just moved into a new home or want to improve the one you have, personalising your child’s room is key to helping them love where you live. A bedroom is important to a child of any age. It’s their own sanctuary where they can retreat to if their siblings are getting on their nerves or they just need a little privacy.

Eight ideas for decorating your Children’s room - BLOG by Guy Lambert

Here are some simple ideas for decorating your child’s room that they will love so much that they might even keep it tidy!

Themes - Always be sure to involve your child as much as possible when decorating their room. Their own input of ideas will make them feel a part of the decision making process, and will make their room feel more personalised. Talk about their interests to help decide on a theme. Suggest broader themes such as the jungle, under the sea and space which are likely to keep their interest for longer than their favourite TV or film characters who can come and go!

Colour scheme – Make sure that both you and your child are happy with the chosen paint colours for their room. It is also a good idea to take your colour samples along with you when choosing the furniture, to ensure they’re a good match. Smaller rooms benefit from light, matt colours and larger rooms can carry off a darker, glossier paint or wallpaper.

Layout – It is important to consider the new layout of the room before the decorating begins. Keep in mind the little things that may not be very functional for the room. If the bed was originally by the window, but noise from outside was bothering your child, now’s the time to have a move around and see what works best.

Hideaway – Depending on the size of your child’s room you could create a hideaway/play area by hanging a curtain from a surface. This idea is a great way of building a space that your children and their friends can play in and will become a special area that your child is very proud to show off!

Study area – It is important to create a small area in one corner of the room with a desk and chair that your child can use as a focussed place to do homework. Keeping the area separate will help with concentration and will minimise distraction, especially if your child has other siblings that might get in the way of study time.

Wall stickers – To avoid the trouble of redecorating if your child loses interest in their current bedroom theme, buying wall stickers is a quick and easy way to add a new and exciting vibe to the room. If you like the idea of wall stickers, it’s important to keep your child’s wall colour in mind. Chose a fresh neutral colour that will go with any sticker style, so that you’re not limited when it comes to refreshing the room.

Patterns – If your child likes the idea of bright, bold patterns, suggest illustrated blinds or rugs that can be easily be changed instead of patterned wallpaper. Patterned bed linen is also a great option.

Arts and crafts – Adding a coat of chalkboard paint on the back of a door or a small area of the wall gives your child a dedicated area that they are allowed to doodle and draw on themselves. Putting cork boards on their wall gives them a space where they can pin up their own works of art, photos or important letters/documents from school.

We hope you find these tips useful in decorating your children’s room.

For further inspiration visit our show homes where we have a great range of different ideas on display.

Image above of Egerton Grange, Worsley


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Guy Lambert,
Head of Corporate Communications



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