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While children are starting to enjoy their longest school break, parents may be thinking about how they will be keeping them occupied! For adults a school holiday is normally the ideal time to get stuck in to those long avoided DIY or garden projects that you’ve been meaning to start, but haven’t quite got round to, so why not ask for a helping hand!

Five Home Projects for Little Helpers to Do It Themselves - by Guy Lambert

 Here are five ways in which your children can make your life a little easier by Doing It Themselves!

A fun, messy job that every child will love! With no fear of going outside the lines if you use some masking tape – painting is the perfect DIY activity that you can do with your children, especially if it is their room. Tell them that they can be in charge of the base coat, that way any mishaps won’t be too serious. It will give them a great sense of pride and achievement – just make sure to tell them that you will need to do a second coat together to avoid any upset!

A Countryside new home offers you the perfect blank canvas for you and your family to make your own, whereas in a second hand home you usually having to live with someone else’s style, and changing this can become quite a costly and time consuming exercise.

When the sun is shining, it won’t feel like a DIY project at all! Gardening is a lovely way for the whole family to spend time together whilst crossing things off that all important ‘to do’ list. Weeding, sweeping the terrace, picking fruit and vegetables, raking and watering plants are just a handful of gardening activities that children of a wide range of ages can easily help out with. Older children can cut the lawn and help repair the fencing as well. If you have younger children keeping them focussed on a task can sometimes be difficult so make your DIY tasks into a fun game by offering prizes to those that do their best.

Sometimes there is no one big singular project that needs tackling, just several never ending little ones! It is very common for people to push these to the back of their mind as they do not appear to be as big a task as others. Decluttering a room always seems less daunting when you have a little team of helpers! If a room needs to be cleared for decorating or you’re simply having a day of organising, ask your children to give you a helping hand by designating an area that they should take ownership of and help you clear.

…is always a task that is dreaded by most people – no matter how old they are! Hoovering, dusting and wiping floors and surfaces are simple enough tasks for the children to be able to help you with, but tools need cleaning too! Rinsing paintbrushes and cleaning down other DIY equipment is something that the kids can help with, while you put your feet up and have a hard earned rest after completing the task!

Handy man
Sometimes all you need is just an extra pair of hands! Ask your child to be on hand to pass you anything that you may need throughout your project, allowing you to remain focussed on what needs doing. An extra set of eyes is always useful too – especially when asking the all-important question: “does that look straight to you!?”

For more ways on how to organise or decorate your home this summer, see our blogs page on our website where you can find plenty more helpful tips and tricks to inspire and advise you on all things house and home!

Guy Lambert,
Head of Corporate Communications


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