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Many of us dream of the ideal work/life balance where we can set our own schedule and work from home. According to a recent TUC report, nearly 1.5 million of us in the UK are now ‘living the dream’ by working from home.

Five tips for creating innovative work space at home - by Guy Lambert

While our homes are somewhere for many of us to switch off from our work related stresses, working from the comfort of our home can offer lots of benefits, including saving time and money on costly commutes, balancing work with the school run and giving us the flexibility to control our working hours. Instead of working from your sofa with your laptop, it’s important to create a motivating and professional feeling space that inspires and increases productivity. Here are our top tips on making your home office work for you:

1. Set up your space 

Picking and sticking to one spot to work from in your home will put you in the right frame of mind. The kitchen table is for eating on and spending time with your family, but if you are not lucky enough to have a study, converting a spare bedroom into your study will ensure you remain productive. If you put yourself in the right physical location, you’ll be able to concentrate better each time you sit down to start your working day. If you are not able to have a separate space, declutter and clear out a dedicated space that works for you.

2. Connectivity 

With the majority of professionals working online or needing the internet it is important to ensure you have a fast and reliable internet connection so you don’t have to worry about any downtime. Faster broadband speeds are a growing trend and for new homes, the introduction of superfast broadband and in particular Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) technology which allows homeowners to access the network 10 times faster than the UK average at 330 megabits per second. There really is no excuse for not sending that email now!

3. Get organised with your interiors 

Ensuring you are organised is key to working from home, especially if your space is small. A few shelves and stylish drawers can make all the difference. Alternatively, you could think about showcasing books on thin vertical shelves or add a vintage wooden box to store paperwork. When it comes to comfort think carefully about seating: a wooden kitchen stool could put you off working on that report, so choose a comfortable working chair. The overall aesthetics of your office, including how you furnish it should be inviting and professional.

4. Let there be light and colour! 

Ensure that your office space has plenty of natural and soft lighting so you are not straining your eyes at your computer. It also helps to de-stress. If you have plenty of space and can dedicate a whole room for your office, then also consider the colour of the paint you use. Colour can profoundly affect how productive you are, with research showing blues affect your mind, yellow your emotions, red your body, and green your balance. So depending on your line of work, it is worth thinking about your colour scheme.

5. The right noise 

While for some the sound of a busy coffee shop helps them work, for others, noise can be distracting and disruptive. Similarly, noisy children or the dog barking is enough to stop you in your tracks. However, working in complete silence has been said to intensify a lack of motivation. Installing a Bluetooth connected sound system for background music can really help. Classical music is meant to boost how we think, reason and create, but building a playlist that works for you will keep you going.

It is crucial to create a home office that makes work more enjoyable, while also enhancing the look and feel of your home. Many of Countryside’s new homes include studies (Harvard Grange, Little Chalfont pictured above) or dedicated work spaces that make working from home a great option.  Indeed our Beaulieu development in Chelmsford features FTTP ultra-fast broadband making it a great choice for home working.

Some description 

Guy Lambert,
Head of Corporate Communications

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