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With a large open plan space comes the endless possibilities of how to furnish it. But don’t be tempted to fill it with furniture you don’t need – use it wisely! There are many ways you can utilise a large space for clever storage without overcrowding or disturbing the current arrangement of your communal rooms.

Six Creative storage ideas for open plan living - By Guy Lambert

Here are six creative storage ideas for open plan living:

1. Dividers – Dividers are the best way to break up a large space. Although commonly used to create smaller sections within one room, dividers can also provide storage – and in more ways than one. Tables, bookcases and drawers are a popular form of divider as they are not restricted to a certain theme or style (see an example above from Wickurst Green near Horsham). You’ll be able to find an item of furniture that is well suited to the current theme of your home that, not only breaks up the room nicely, but is a safe place to store some that may be taking up too much space elsewhere.

2. Doorways – If you love the minimal look and like to change things up regularly in your home then why not make the most of the doorways between your open plan spaces? Lining a doorway with shelves is the perfect way to save floor space and brighten up an empty wall. It’s a great way to mix things up as you’ll be able to add and remove items to the shelves that could alter the whole theme of the room.

3. Portable storage – Large chests or footstools are available with storage compartments and can be portable. Portable furniture is useful as items that you may need in a specific place but only for a short amount of time - for example a gaming system. You will be able to move it for your convenience and tidy things away once they have been used and move the storage item back in its original position – quick, easy and mess free!

4. Alcoves – If you’re proud of your open space and do not want to overcrowd it with clutter, or large storage pieces aren’t what you’re looking for, use alcoves as hidden spaces for a display or for storage. Alcoves can be used for shelving or wardrobes which can be as discreet or as obvious as you like. You can hide your alcove storage by painting your new arrangement the same colour as the walls or keep it as its original colour to make it stand out.

5. Sit on your storage – If your hallway combines with another room, a storage bench is a stylish hiding place for shoes and umbrellas, that doesn’t get in anyone’s way.

6. Entertainment storage – Generally large pieces of furniture, entertainment centres have so much potential for storage. They are the perfect way to hide the wires and plugs that you might not want on display which will create clutter around your TV. You can keep all of your electronics in one place and can shut the door on them after use – keeping the area clean and tidy and clutter free.

If you are looking for a new property with spacious, open plan living, we have developments in London, South East and the North West that offer versatile space suitable for every buyer – come and visit us soon and follow us on Instagram for further storage inspiration ideas.


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Guy Lambert,
Head of Corporate Communications

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