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It really is important to get to know your neighbours. I’ve always found that if you need help or something’s wrong, it’s good to know that there’s someone who can help you who is just next door. Aside from the favours that you and your neighbour can help each other with, such as keeping an eye on your home when you’re away, it’s a great way of creating a sense of safety, security and community.

Getting to know your neighbours in 5 simple steps - by Andrew Loveday

Introduce yourself

When moving in to a new home, it’s important to introduce yourself to your neighbours. If you have been moved in for a while, and haven’t got round to it yet it will always be appreciated, even if you feel it’s been too long. If you have pets, children that play a musical instrument or you travel a lot for work and will not be spending much time at home, it’s always best to inform your new neighbours so that they are aware of what they can expect and could potentially notice if something is wrong when you’re not at home.

Ask for advice

Whether you’re after tips on gardening, decorating or even just information on the local area, reach out to your neighbours and ask for their advice. Sometimes it’s easier to talk things through with someone instead of researching it on the internet or trying to figure it out by yourself. You never know, you may find a much quicker solution that you’d ever of thought of!

Spend time outside

The more time you spend outside on your drive or road, or in your garden, the more you’ll see neighbours you can interact with. You’ll be surprised at how many people you’ll meet and get to know even over the garden fence. Try washing your car on a nice sunny day if you usually pay to get it cleaned or walking to the closest post box instead of taking your letters with you on your next trip in the car. If they have dogs, ask to come on their walking route with them – whether you have a dog or not!

Invite them round

If it’s just for a cup of tea, or you want to invite them to your next family/friendly get together, inviting your neighbour round really is one of the best ways to get to know them and to start a friendly and trusting relationship. If you both have children of similar ages, arranging a play date will also benefit them if you are new to the area and they are nervous about making new friends. Even if you just happen to notice that your neighbours are out in the garden, you can always join them for a quick chat!

Be generous

It’s always nice to be nice - if you’re a fan of baking or particularly enjoy cooking, make your neighbours one of your favourite recipes. If you don’t fancy baking, if there’s a tool, item of clothing or children’s toys that are may not be of use to you anymore, see if it could be of use to your neighbour or someone else on your road. Once you get to know the people on your road, you’ll become familiar with their interests and will know if they will make better use out of something that you no longer need.

At Countryside we're passionate about creating places where people feel a true sense of belonging. A perfect example of this is Great Kneighton our new community in Cambridge which will provide a wide range of new homes along with an extensive range of community facilities.

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Andrew Loveday,
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