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So the move from your old house to the brand new one is done, meaning the hardest part is over! Although unpacking may seem like a never ending task, it’s the next unavoidable ‘to do’ on the list that will transform your brand new empty house into your lovely new home.

12 easy ways to personalise your new home, one room at a time - by Jamie Woodrow

If you want to personalise your new home but aren’t sure how or you’re worried about keeping costs down, take a look at these 12 easy and inexpensive ways in which you can add your own special touch, room by room, to your new home.


1. Mirrors
There are hundreds of varieties of statement mirrors to choose from that can match your personality and style. A mirror can transform an area as it instantly brightens a space by reflecting any natural light.

2. Photos
As you welcome people into your new home, displaying your favourite family or holiday photos is a lovely way of putting your own stamp on a space. If you would prefer a more modern look, you could have your photos printed in black and white or for a more vintage look, have them printed in sepia.

Living room

3. Rugs
Depending on whether or not you would like your rug to enhance the floor space or the furniture, there are loads of different patterns and colours to choose from that best match your taste as well as the other furniture in the room. But, do not feel that you have to have a matching theme as mixing things up works just as well when personalising a room.

4. Cushions and throws
Similarly there is a great variety of cushions and throws available to provide plenty of style and individuality! The image above from the show home at St Luke's Park in Runwell illustrates a coordinated look, but if you like a pattern combination then a common base colour is all you’ll need to create the perfect display on your sofas. Not one to follow the rules? Just have a go at putting your favourite colours/designs together and see how they look. You never know, you may create a masterpiece!


5. Pots and pans
Colour coordinated pots and pans are a great way to create an easy theme, if you feel that your kitchen doesn’t have many personal touches. If you’re trying to save money and don’t need to be replacing anything that you’re getting good use out of, try storing your pots in different ways. Hanging them on the wall or from a pot hanging rack creates a nice eye catching display and is a great storage saver!

6. Plants
Plants have made a massive come back and are making their way from the garden and into people’s homes. A person’s favourite plant says a lot about them, so adding some leafy colour to your kitchen is the perfect stamp. Plants and herb gardens instantly freshen up a room and create a much more natural environment, perfect for cooking in!

Dining room

7. Centre pieces
Whether you like flowers, candles, vases or even fruit bowls, a centre piece in your dining room can transform your table in a matter of seconds! The one thing to remember with centre pieces is to ensure that it isn’t too distracting. A piece too large or tall may get in the way of your conversations with people around the table or may minimise the space for your plates and cutlery.

8. Artwork
Artwork helps people express themselves and show their creative side. A large piece can be used in replacement of a feature wall or instead try several pieces displayed in the same sized frames. For an even more personal touch, why not frame and display any art pieces your children may have done at school, or even ask them to do some especially!


9. Bedding
Everyone appreciates fresh new bedding and a new design can completely transform your bedroom. If you have a white room, then the world is most definitely your oyster as you can choose from as many different styles as you wish. If you have a colour theme in your room, don’t get hung up about the perfect match, a bit of mix and matching adds a great personal touch anyway!

10. Curtains
Matching your curtains with your bedding pulls a theme together very well and shows a great sense of taste. Whether you would like curtains in a solid colour that matches your bedding, the same pattern or even a different pattern altogether, you can easily choose a combination that reflects your style.


11. Towels
Buying new towels is the quickest and easiest way to brighten up the room and also add your own touch. You can also be creative in the ways that you display your towels, folded piles on shelves are a good way of creating a colour scheme – without any paint!

12. Candles
There are many different ways in which candles can add a personal touch to your bathroom. Whether you want people to remember their scent or their colour, they work well when pulling a theme together and can be very cheap to buy.

Moving into a brand new home is very exciting, as it really is a blank canvas in which you can create any mood or theme you like!

We have new homes throughout London, the South East and North West as well as show homes that provide great design ideas. Follow us on Instagram @CountrysideProp for some interior inspiration.

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Jamie Woodrow,
Associate Director, Marketing

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