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Whether you have just moved into a new build home or you have fallen out of love with the interior of your current home, starting from scratch with interior design can be a daunting concept. So here are my top tips to creating your own amazing interiors accompanied by a timelapse film (below) which shows us doing just that for Countryside in one of the new show homes at St Luke’s Park in Runwell, Essex!

7 top tips to create a fabulous interior - by Jon Pilling of Abode Interiors

My top tips are:

1. Plan, plan plan

At Abode we always take time to think and plan before creating our show homes. We carefully space plan each room to ensure we are specifying furniture at the right size and scale and to ensure the space will be well suited to modern day lifestyles. We also take influence from current design trends and research potential themes on sites such as Pinterest to see what works well and what doesn’t.

While designing the show home at St. Luke’s Park we chose to use navy as an accent colour against calming neutral greys and creams. We also selected individual furniture pieces that complement each other rather than specifically match.


2. Use the rule of three

When creating a colour scheme for your room try to keep the different colours that you plan to use to no more than three. This stops the room from looking too chaotic and means that there will be consistency throughout your interior.

3. Prepare a mood board

You are going to be living with your interior design choices for a long time so don’t rush out to your local D.I.Y store for paint just yet.

Grab a piece of white card and then add cuttings from magazines and images from the internet to showcase all the accessories, furniture, colours, and fabrics that have caught you eye. If some colours don’t go together or some furniture doesn’t match the accessories then taken them off. Once you’re happy with the overall look of the board stick it up somewhere you will see it every day and let the design percolate in your mind. Keep fine tuning your design until you are completely happy with the style.

4. Do your research

There is a wealth of information and inspiration available on the internet when it comes to interior design! Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram are all full of great designs and styles that you may not have considered. If you see a certain accessory or piece of furniture that you like, take down the name of the piece and look for possible alternatives until you find the perfect piece for you. There are many interesting suppliers in the UK and Europe and by using these you might be able to find a bargain, but be aware that some do have a minimum order.

5. Agree a budget

You don’t want to get halfway through creating your perfect home and realise that you’ve overspent.

Agree the total amount that you are prepared to spend, then make a note of each piece that you intend to purchase, including paint and accessories and the total cost. This way you’ll be able to see if you need to make some cut backs or if you’re able to spend a little more on those finishing touches.

6. Know that fashions change

Whether it’s rose gold or nautical, it’s great to be aware of what’s in fashion in the world of interior design, but be aware that fashions change. If you’re going to embrace a certain theme that is in fashion at the moment, try to keep it to your accessories and the art on the walls, which can all be easily updated when fashions change.

7. Go for it

Found the colour that you love but think it might be a bit too imposing? Go for it! This is your space and you want to create somewhere that is individual to you, so don’t be shy when it comes to interior design. It’s easy to tone down a space with neutral accessories but if you play it too safe you’ll end up with something boring. It's better to regret what you have done than what you haven't.

For more inspiration, take a look at the array of interiors available online from Countryside’s show homes on Instagram and Facebook, or visit one of the show homes across London, the South East and North West.

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Jon Pilling
Design Director, Abode Interiors


Abode Interiors is a fun, friendly, creative team of award winning interior designers that work solely for new build developers across the UK.

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