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Most of us have a room or two in our homes that we could make better use of? Below are six ways to utilise that unused space to create an exciting and practical new area in your home.

How to utilise unused space in your home - 6 Useful tips - by Andrew Loveday

1. Study

Whether it’s for adults to work from home, or for children to do their school work, a study is a space that will definitely be used throughout the years such as this one pictured below at Harvard Grange in Little Chalfont.

However, it doesn’t have to take up a whole room though as if you have a large open plan space with areas that are being wasted, a desk and some shelves are just a few of the things you need to make up a good work area. If you have a large alcove that is empty, a desk (which could simply be a board) and your computer or laptop is great addition to use the space efficiently!

2. Wardrobe

A walk in wardrobe or a dressing room is the perfect way to utilise a spare room or one that is too small to meet your needs. It doesn’t have to be big enough to fit one or two people’s entire wardrobe in, but it can be a space to keep an extra wardrobe or clothes rail in, together with some drawers and a mirror to minimise clutter in your own room.

3. Toilet

A common space that often goes unused in the home is under the stairs and this is the perfect place to add a downstairs toilet if you do not have one. This will be particularly helpful if you have a large family or enjoy hosting and entertaining guests regularly throughout the year. Systems such as Saniflow mean that it is simple to install.

4. Games

If you need a space to keep all of the many board games, PlayStation games or Barbie’s in one place, there is no right or wrong size that you can have for a games room or area. It can be used purely for game storage or a place to keep the games console out of the living room! If you have younger children, a games room is a great way of keeping all pieces of Lego and wooden toys in one place with minimal mess.

5. Library

Calling all book worms! Still have a passion for paper pages over electronic tablets? Having an area of your home filled with bookshelves to create your own library, not only saves space but encourages everyone to share and read and adds character as you’ll be able to look back on all your favourite books that you’ve read over the years. You can also keep all of your children’s favourite stories which will be a nice keepsake for them when they’re older.  A library could add warmth and character to your study.

6. Cinema

There are only a few pieces of equipment needed to create a cinema room, a TV and something comfy to sit on! You won’t even need enough space for a sofa as you can get bean bags in all shapes and sizes. A cinema room is perfect for your children and their friends to enjoy some films quietly in another room, keeping the front room available for mum and dad to watch what they like.

You should always use your imagination when looking to utilise an unused space. If you’ve just bought a new home there are many ways to customise your home to really make it work hard for you and if your lifestyle changes or you just fancy a change, then there’s lots you can do.

If you are also looking for design inspiration or to get some fresh ideas, follow us on Instagram @CountrysideProp or visit one of our inspirational show homes across London, the South East and North West.

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Andrew Loveday,
Sales Director

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