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Open-plan living spaces are still incredibly popular, catering to a more relaxed and communal way of living. From kitchen/dining rooms, dining room/living rooms, to an open-plan ground floor, the traditional barriers of walls and doors are being broken down to create a more inclusive and inviting environment.

Top Tips to Fill an Open Space - by Rob Burton

If you live in an open plan home, filling the space has become a bit of an art form, to achieve the perfect balance between an empty space, and a cluttered one. A perfect example of getting this balance right is The Windham at Abode development in Cambridge, award-winning for its contemporary design and traditional principles

Adopting these principles, discover our top tips maximising your open-plan spaces:

1) Use House Plants – House plants are making a huge come back, with some of the top retailers adding them to their must-buy lists. Fill high ceilings and lonely corners with tall house plants and potted indoor trees to disguise empty spaces.

2) Choose Dark Furnishings – In a room flooded with light through full height windows, creating a ‘cosy atmosphere’ can be hard. Using soft, plush furnishings in deep tones can transform the atmosphere of a room. Replace hard wooden coffee tables, with oversized ottoman’s and use heavy curtains to create a warm, cosy room perfect for nights in.

3) Fill Bare Walls – With a central courtyard in the heart of Abode, DAPA the award-winning interior designers of the home incorporated Moroccan-themed styling, giving the courtyard warmth and character, with decorative wall hangings. Using wall hangings and statement art pieces not only fills the space on the wall, but further draws your eye to the artwork, eliminating the neutral tones.

4) Define Zones with Furniture – If you’re not sure how you feel about an ‘all in one’, your answer could be as simple as an L-Shaped sofa. Radiating comfort, a large sofa is the ideal piece of furniture to both divide a room and add to its atmosphere. Cutting off a portion of a room creates the cosy, self-contained feel of a more traditional house and this is a great way to do it.

5) Bigger Space = Bigger Furniture – In a vast, open plan house, there is plenty of room for larger furnishings. Filling a room with statement pieces rather than lots of smaller ones, minimises the possibility of looking over-cluttered. Take inspiration from Abode, which features a 10-seater dining table fitting comfortably within the designated dining space.

Open-plan living is a great opportunity to be bold with your accessories, furniture and colours, and following our easy tips can help you make the space both functional and welcoming.

Rob Burton,
Dapa Interiors,

For more information and further inspiration from Interiors By DAPA, the designers behind Abode at Great Kneighton, visit the website.
Visit Countryside’s website to find out about other new homes available in Cambridge and the rest of the UK.

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