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Today is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day and we have some helpful tips to help you make a few simple changes around your home to enjoy a greener lifestyle!

5 Quick Wins to Make Your Home Greener - by Amy Baines

It’s important that we all consider how we use energy and water within our homes every day, as it can have a major impact on the environment. Here are five of the quickest wins when it comes to having a greener home!

  1. A single flush of a toilet can use up to 13 litres of water! A free cistern displacement device is available from most water companies – which will minimise the amount of water wasted when flushing.
  2. A washing up bowl is a much more efficient way of cleaning the dishes when eating alone or only part of the family is having dinner. The average dishwasher uses six gallons of water per cycle, so ensure that food is scraped off into the food-bin before loading and avoid pre-rinsing for the times you need to use it.
  3. So much energy is wasted just from not switching off electrical appliances at the socket. Save an average of £30 a year just by turning your appliances off of standby mode. This will not disrupt your programming, and you can make things even easier by using a standby saver which allows you to switch them all off in one go!
  4. When the time comes to replace or upgrade your appliances, be sure to do some research into which are the best energy-efficient appliances that can save you money in the long run. Most products will have energy rating labels to give you an indication of their efficiency.
  5. British Gas have created the Hive app, which allows you to control your heating and hot water from your smart phone or android device. By only heating your home when you need to, Hive will save unnecessary heat being wasted when you’re not at home!

A Countryside home is on average 65% more energy efficient than a Victorian home of the same style. When buying a Countryside home, buyers will benefit from energy saving technologies, helping both the environment and your household finances. Wherever possible, we use recyclable and sustainable materials to help contribute to greener living.

Come and find out how you can save energy at one of our exciting new homes in London, South East and North West.


Amy Baines,
Head of Brand

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