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A timeless décor is one that will withstand years of changing styles and will transcend through those changes. By starting with a neutral palette, you can easily adjust accents throughout your home to match the season or to incorporate your favourite new colour whilst still accomplishing an elegant, timeless look. 

Top Tips for a Timeless Interior - by Amy Baines

Go Neutral

Although avocados are the nation’s favourite superfood, the avocado-coloured sink phase stuck firmly in the 70s. In the same way, don’t expect bold, on-trend colours to look fashionable three years down the line. Sticking to neutral colours on statement pieces, such as walls, large furnishings and flooring, means you can update less costly pieces, like throws and cushions, if you want to instantly refresh a room.

Keep it simple

Classic furniture pieces and natural colours and textures will always look good, whereas a cow print chaise will likely not be a favourite in five or ten years’ time. It is best to stick to neutral colours as this will always be smart and sleek. Similarly, over-cluttering can ruin a room and sometimes it is better to opt for the classic minimalist look. Simple designs are much more likely to pass the test of time.

Keep colours and patterns for accents

Ensuring your home has an overall neutral palette will allows you to use layers of accents to create a colour scheme in each room. Décor such as lamps, cushions, pillows, bedding and art can be easily changed at a much lower cost than redecorating the entire room. This allows you to achieve a timeless look whilst also being able to refresh the room as you please.

Spend more on signature items

It is worth investing more on the items of furniture that are meant to last, for example, hardwood floors, kitchen cabinets and couches. This will prevent you from having to replace or repair them as frequently and will therefore last longer, and look good doing so.

Consider comfort

When choosing furniture, it is important to consider how comfortable it is, not just the aesthetics. There is no use purchasing an uncomfortable corner sofa or hard dining room chairs no matter how well they suit the colour scheme; you will want to replace them with a snugger model far sooner.

We hope you can easily apply these timeless tips into your home during 2017! For more inspiration, take a look at the array of interiors available online for Countryside’s show homes on Instagram and Facebook, or visit one of the show homes across London, the South East and North West.


Amy Baines,
Head of Brand

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