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As we all know, there are many ways to help reduce our carbon footprint and the impact we each have on the environment. At Countryside, we create homes and communities which offer lots of ways that people can help reduce their carbon footprint. After all, saving the planet is a big job, but every little helps. Below are some simple steps to help you make the world a greener place.

 Five Easy Ways to Reduce your Carbon Footprint - by Eleanor Fenton

1) Greener Transport
Why not ditch the car and start using public transport? We have a number of developments across London and the South East which are ideally located for commuters with excellent transport facilities within walking distance. Alternatively, if you really want to hit the road, why not invest in an electric car. At our Acton Gardens development, there are charging points for electric cars, minimising your carbon footprint.

2) Grow Your Own
Why not make the most of your garden or balcony to grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs which will not only taste better but will help reduce your carbon footprint. Great Kneighton in Cambridge is on the doorstep of a 120-acre country park, which has allocated allotments for you to embrace the best of Britain by creating your own vegetable patch. More environmentally friendly, more nutrients, and much more fun than the Friday supermarket rush!

3) Switch it Up
Everyone’s heard about switching off the lights when you leave the room, but have you spared a thought for the lightbulbs themselves? Halogen bulbs use up to 80% less electricity than standard fittings, and our Aura development in Cambridgeshire, have all been fitted with low energy lighting, helping you cut your carbon footprint in every room of the house!

4) Take a Ride
Not much beats a bike ride through the beautiful British countryside. It benefits your physical health, mental health and the health of the environment! Whether it’s to enjoy the fresh air on your day off with the family, or cycling to work, we offer cycle storage in a number of our new developments, including Kings Park in Essex. Just 30 minutes from the beautiful Harold Wood Park, the developments in Kings Park give you the opportunity to walk or ride around the local countryside.

5) In the Home
Every one of our developments comes complete with a condensed boiler, to help minimise your carbon footprint from the start. With A Rated appliances and insulated flooring, we’ve ensured each of our homes consists of a variety of low impact features. Remember to check energy ratings when you’re investing in new appliances to help reduce your own carbon foot print!

Why not visit one of our show homes across London, the South East and North West to get some ideas of how you can make a difference and minimise your own carbon footprint!

Eleanor Fenton,
Sustainability Manager for Countryside Properties

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