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Despite attempts to keep a clean and tidy household, our busy lives can sometimes get the better of us. It’s not always easy to maintain a decluttered home, especially if there’s more than one person occupying it!

 Declutter Your Home: 6 Tips for a Stress Free Spring Clean - by Jackie Lee

We have put together six stress free decluttering tips to share with you, so that your spring clean doesn’t have to be something that you dread or keep on putting to the bottom of your to do list.  

Children’s Toys
Little ones, however old they are, can create a lot of clutter in your home. Toys sprawled everywhere may be inevitable after a play date or even just a quiet afternoon at home, but clearing and storing them away can be quick, easy and painless. Storage options such as wicker baskets or under bed boxes are the perfect solution when wanting to clear an area quickly but efficiently.

Create Rules
Creating rules, and sticking to them, is a quick win when it comes to decluttering. A popular example is the coat hanger rule: have all of your hangers in your wardrobe facing the same way. Once you have worn an item, turn it around and put it back in your wardrobe. After a year, you should clear out everything that hasn’t been worn. Another example is the rule of three; you can only have three of one item (besides books) on the same shelf! This will help to keep your side tables clutter free. You could also think about how you can section out your wardrobe like our beautiful fitted wardrobes at Oaklands Hamlet in Chigwell. They help to keep everything tidy once you’ve managed to have your clear out.

Hanging Storage
Hanging storage is the best way to avoid cluttering up your surfaces. Some of the homes at our Aura development feature some fantastic hanging storage facilities in the garage – a great way of keeping your bicycles within easy access but out of the way! There are several examples of hanging storage that eliminates clutter instantly! Hanging large pots and saucepans in the kitchen is not only a wonderful space saver, but also creates a lovely eye catching display. We utilised this cupboard space at St Paul’s Square in Bow by adding hanging storage, to avoid clutter.

Easy Access, Every Day
Every household is home to an infamous messy drawer! Clearing it out might sometimes feel like the worst job in the world, but with this easy tip – you’ll never have to do it again. After a clear out, invest in some drawer dividers. That way, if that drawer still remains home to lots of different things, they can be found easily. Be sure to only keep important everyday things in your ‘messy drawer’, so that they are easily accessible and you will be less likely to lose them if they are always kept in the same place.

Be Paper Efficient
It would be very difficult to try and have a paperless household – almost impossible, in fact! What you can do to minimise clutter is ensure that you are filing your important paperwork as quickly and as efficiently as possible. When sorting through your post, throw out junk mail straight away. All of your important post should be kept in a very visible place to (hopefully) avoid letting the pile grow. Have one large file that is separated into different sections, to create space for all of your documents.

Make Time
If a clear out is something you have on your list of things to do, put a date in the diary to make it official! Having a date to work towards will allow yourself to prepare, and will help you think about how you plan to work through the room or the entire house. Mark the date on the fridge or family planner, so there’s no avoiding it! Ask your family members or house mates to give you a hand too – maybe turn it into a fun game to make time pass quicker.

We hope that our tips have inspired you to have that big old clear out you’ve been meaning to do for months! For interior design or storage ideas, why not visit one of our beautiful show homes at our developments across London and the rest of the UK?

Jackie Lee,
Marketing Manager for Countryside Properties

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